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It’s an install and go experience for 99.99% of our users.  If you encountered any issue, please check below items first,

If you did all those then this is likely memory, port or resources possessed by other apps or and OS lock up. Delete our app, pull the battery then re-install LifeInPocket® to free up those resources then your issues should be gone. Below are detail steps to resolve specific issues,

How to solve GPS issues

Network or connection issues

If you have an unlocked device, you need to set APN in order to connect to Internet. Your APN is set to original carrier's APN by BlackBerry system software, you need to change it to new carrier's APN manually.

BlackBerry home > Advanced > TCP

You need to change all APN settings in this page to new carrier's APN settings. Ask your current carrier to provide APN settings and help you to change accordingly!

Otherwise this is unusual, it should be install and go! Did you grant all permissions/trusted app status when asked during installation? If you did then this is likely memory, ports or resources possessed by other apps. You need to delete our app, pull the battery then re-install so you can release ports, memory and APIs possessed by other apps. .

You can change permissions to “allow” at

BlackBerry Home > Settings > (Advanced >) Applications > LifeInPocket > Permissions

If this occurred again, you will need to delete apps have memory leak or possess ports.

I am assuming this is not a corporate device connecting through firewall. If it is then you need to talk to you IT department to change IT policy of your phone.

Cannot find LifeInPocket® icon

LifeInPocket® and other apps' icons should be in download folder. It's possible something in your device, hided the icon because a know OS bug. You can unhide icons using below steps,

Menu button - show all

or  options - theme at this point switch to another theme then back to your previous theme. That should unhide all hidden icons.

If the icon still won't show up, please delete our app, re-boot (pull the battery if necessary) then re-install.

Click on the icon but it won't start

This is a known BlackBerry system software (OS) lock up bug, delete our app, pull the battery then re-install should be able to unlock the OS.

If your issue remains unsolved after following above steps, please email us your issue and we will get back to in within one working day!

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