Is your BlackBerry GPS Blocked by the carrier?

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It's well known for years that certain very old models such as 8130, 8230, 8330(m), 8830, Verizon, USC and Metro PCS are able to block  3rd party apps accessing GPS from their base station. So users have to pay for their own apps such as VZ Navigation for up to $40 a month. BlackBerry Maps is a native app thus is not blocked

They cannot block newer BBs such as Storms, 8530, Tour, 9330 and Bold because of the new BB technology. Itís highly recommended to upgrade your aged BlackBerry since it costs little or nothing.

Otherwise, you can still use non-GPS features which will allow you to have most functions. You can use a 3rd party Bluetooth GPS to use all GPS features and to use other GPS apps.

You may write a letter or email to Verizon @ demanding Verizon to open GPS to LifeInPocket. After all, Verizon has to listen to its customers like yourself in this competitive business.

 You can find out more by Google search

Ask RIM for paring guide or see our Bluetooth paring instruction here

If your issue remains unsolved after following above steps, please email us your issue and we will get back to in within one working day!

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