How to Resolve GPS Issues

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It should be an install and go experience. Did you grant all permissions/trusted app status when asked? You need to make sure that you have the internal GPS on. You can check this at

Blackberry home > Settings > Advanced > GPS

(for OS 6 devices)
All > Options > Device > Location Settings

You also need to permitting LifeInPocket® to access GPS and network, you can change permissions at

Blackberry home > Settings > (Advanced >) Applications > LifeInPocket > Permissions

You will need to make sure that you exit all other applications that use GPS function (they may still occupies GPS port), some applications are known to block other applications' GPS access even they are closed. Of cause, your phone need to view open sky in order to receive signal from multiple satellites. In some cases, you would need to delete our app, pull the battery then re-install LifeinPocket® to free GPS port possessed by other apps.
You can perform below test to make sure your BlackBerry's GPS works.
1 make sure you are outside or in your car
2 go into options on your blackberry
4 click on status
5 type the word "test" (it won't show your typings)
6 hit the menu button
7 click start
8 check the check box for GPS
9 click run
Wait a few moments (usually it isn't too long. Then it will say successful if GPS works.

Once GPS settings work, you can click through all LifeInPocket® features. Search Italian restaurants, select one then "Take me there" and voice navigation will guide you  there.

** It�s well known that 8520 and some older models do not have internal GPS, 8530 does. But some carriers probably never told 8520 users Please see BlackBerry site for detail!

** Is your BlackBerry GPS Blocked by the carrier?

If your issue remains unsolved after following above steps, please email us your issue and we will get back to in within one working day!

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