Recover LifeInPocket® Sign-In Info.

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Did you create an account first? If you tried to sign-in to LifeInPocket® and got "Login fail" that means username/password is incorrect. To sign-up, run LifeInPocket® then select �Create an account�. Once entered all the info, press "menu key" (BlackBerry key) then select sign-up commend.

You can recover sign-in info from recover username or recover password if you entered email address when sign-up. (email was not mandatory for rev. 0.726 and older to create account)

If you didn't enter email address when you created account then you will have to create a new account by deleting the app then re-install then because the server won't be able to email you.

Q: I cannot sign-in with Storm/Storm2 because I cannot move highlight to desired text entry area.
A: This is a known BlackBerry OS bug, to enter text, you must touch ":" (the beginning of each text field) with left thumb to move cursor because current Storm2 OS can only detect your touch in these areas.

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